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Dust Suppression and Control Solutions by Envirotex

When dust is a major problem we
have the solution!

Intermodal Facility and Maintenace is a leading provider of dust suppression solutions in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. Our dust suppression products provide superior control of dust on unpaved roads and surfaces while outperforming all other dust control methods currently in use.

Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression

A better dust suppressant.

Most dust suppressants in use today require frequent application to effectively control dust. This means that facility owners must constantly deal with the cost and downtime associated with mitigating dust issues in a battle that never ends! Our competitors call this a “solution” to dust control.

Our Enviroad Gard dust suppressant acts quickly to effectively control dust in a variety of application environments. Unlike many other dust suppression products EnviRoad Gard’s bonding agent creates a waterproof barrier that builds up over time. The result: diminishing cost of ownership with increasing performance over the lifetime of the product.

IFM EnviRoad Gard

Less dust, less downtime,
lower cost, superior lasting performance

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EnviRoad Gard is cheaper and more effective than asphalt in many industrial environments.

Let us show you how we can turn your dusty, muddy, failing unpaved roads and surfaces into a smooth stable dust and water free operating environment.  We can provide you with local examples of our products in action and let you speak with our satisfied customers.  Unlike many of our competitors we can completely turn key your facility in record time giving you the most stable dust free facility available.




Why dust is a problem?

Dust Suppression

Dust particulate created by industrial activities can cause problems for both workers at the work site as well as inhabitants of neighboring facilities and residential areas.  Without an effective dust control solution even small amounts of particulate in the air can result in formal complaints and violations of state and federal EPA regulations.

In today’s business environment site and facility managers must take every step necessary to minimize free particulate emissions and avoid costly fines and work shutdowns. When compared to the high cost of alternative dust management solutions our EnviRoad Gard Dust Suppressant is the most sensible option.

Dust in the air is also a sign that your unpaved roads and surfaces are eroding with every vehicle that passes over them.  As the fine surface aggregates erode cracks and potholes form allowing water to penetrate through the surface.  Over time not only does the dust control problem worsen but your roads and yard surfaces begin to fail resulting in a loss of productivity and an increase safety hazards.


Benefits of Dust Suppression
with EnviRoad Gard

  • Greatly reduces fine dust particle emissions from your worksite and helps keep you in compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • Effective dust control reduces vehicle and equipment accidents and injuries to workers due to poor visibility.

  • Reduces employee respiratory illness and paid sick leave related to working in dusty environments.

  • EnviRoad Gard suppresses dust and can eliminate complaints from contractors, vendors and surrounding neighbors.

  • Dust suppression helps to keep your equipment working by reducing the high cost associated with equipment failure from abrasive dust particles in the engine and mechanical stresses created by running on rough uneven terrain with heavy loads.

  • Can virtually eliminate the need for major yard repairs and greatly reduces yearly maintenance costs.

  • Our dust suppression solutions are environmentally friendly and help protect from storm water pollution and local wild life.


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